Here is the main tool of artificial intelligence that use in daily life of human and he /she can save a lot of time from this Tools. list and its uses are given below

  1. ChatGPT

CHatGPT is an artificial tools that will develop an answer on the based on question. It is mostly wide used in the World Wide Web. Now, many competitor has been come to beat the chatGPT. One the powerful beater of chatGPT is the Google Bard that will develop by the google.

  • is an AI-powered tool that helps users generate marketing copy and content using artificial intelligence technology. The tool uses natural language processing algorithms to analyze and understand the context of the text, and then generates unique and relevant content for the user’s specific needs. can be used to generate various types of marketing copy and content, including social media posts, website copy, blog articles, ad headlines, and product descriptions. Users can input keywords, phrases, and other information relevant to their business or brand, and the tool will use this data to generate high-quality content that is optimized for their target audience. The tool also provides users with various customization options, allowing them to edit and tweak the generated content to their liking. This allows users to maintain control over their brand voice and ensure that the content aligns with their overall marketing strategy. is used by businesses and individuals in various industries to save time and resources in creating high-quality marketing content.

If you are weak in preparing a PPT for a university work or office work or college work then AI tools is suitable for you. In this Artificial intelligence tool create a beautiful PPT using the Artificial Intelligence. This will save a lot of time and your effort.

  • is a web-based application artificial intelligence tools that allows users to create and edit music using artificial intelligence technology. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand the characteristics of different music genres, and then generates new music based on the user’s preferences. Users can input various parameters such as tempo, key, and mood to customize the generated music to their liking. The tool also provides users with various instruments and sound effects that they can use to further customize their music. is used by musicians, producers, and other music enthusiasts to create high-quality music quickly and easily. It is especially useful for those who do not have formal training in music theory or composition, as the AI technology does much of the heavy lifting.


Kaiber is web based application artificial intelligence tool that allow user to create an amazing edit on the video you want. It is really a wonderful tools that save a lot of time of user on video edit.

  • Leiapix converter

It is an artificial tool that create a GIF in 3D shaped. This GIF can be used in whattsapp Instagram facebook snapchat and many more social media. The leiapix converter can be used in both android and apple. The main advantages of this website is that you can create 3D GIF and download it in compressed form. Downloading file is not big in this website.

  • Fliki

Sometime you would not be able to create a video or you could not come in front of Camera. So if you are this type of people, then this Artificial intelligence tools is suitable for you.

In fliki, you can convert your text into video and AI will make a video for you

  • Fireflies

Fireflies is an artificial intelligence Ai tools that will help you to take you important notes into video shapes. This AI tools will create a video based on the notes that you have saved in it and then send it to the programmer to make a video that will save later on the pc and computer.

  • Runway

Runway is the most popular artificial intelligence tools that will edit a video for you.

It will save a lot of time and effort that you will do in the video editing.

We will suggest you runway to check this artificial tool because it is very simple and have amazing tool in it

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